Saturday, August 22, 2015

Check your humanity at the door (#2395)

This Republican mantra of austerity and survival of the fittest is fine if you have no heart or care for anyone else. Is that what has made us a great country? Selfishness? I am getting older by the day and over these 6 decades I have lived the same political reality continues to be a struggle. Why are there enough souls out there that are craving to have more than anyone else? Materialism and consumerism are only by products of a society that is creative and innovative, not the end all. We have a society of civilized folks so that we can work together in order to have a more fulfilling life with a safe harbor to operate from. Hopefully we won't get anarchy but we will get less than democracy if we don't face the reality of our choices. Is it so important to be the wealthiest soul on Earth? Is that what would bring happiness to all of us? Apparently that is impossible since we all can't be the wealthiest at the same time. Why would we want to be part of a society that only celebrated the wealthy while ignoring the vast majority of the rest of us? Is it a deep seated need to validate our own existence by proving we are better than others? Are we the wild savages in literary lore that forego enlightened knowledge in order to be worshipped as some sort of demigod? Do we truly wish to condescend to all others as a reminder to ourselves that we are magnificent and better? What is it that makes us think that survival of the fittest is a better way of life than cooperating and acting as a part of the total instead of the sum of the total? Keeping an austerity derived political mindset is a brutal and punishing mindset that makes life unbearable for those who are not the brightest or more skilled among us. Who has given anyone who pushes austerity the right to judge others based upon a rigged economic system? As I continue to grow in my ageless wonder I also continue to be disappointed and enraged at our callous lack of humanity that is apparently checked at the door of America.

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