Friday, August 21, 2015

Faith based life style (#2494)

I cannot call it faith based "religions" since the base of religion, a creator who has given us free will, is being bastardized by too many within the faith based community. A sort of make your religion fit anything that satisfies your desires. The idea that the concept of good, which is derived from the intent of God is now up for interpretation as long as it is reasonable to our understanding, is an abomination to what good generates from. Being your brothers keeper and helping the downtrodden is not the priority of a lot of religions today. It seems that filling the pews and collecting the tithes is more important than the giving of one's actionable benevolence to anyone other than the church leaders purse. I see the wealth that many high profile preachers receive and accumulate and it sickens my heart. I am not a religious person per se, but I am a spiritual one who sees a connection to our universe and all things in it. So it is right and good of me to call out when I see those who call themselves preachers ie, the word of God, living a lifestyle that looks more like worshipping the golden calf instead of washing each others feet. Pride is the inverted effect of humility. We seem to have a slew of preachers who have much pride and little humility to their character. Now what is even worse is that religious leaders are more prone to be businessmen instead of lifters up of souls. Is it any wonder that the faith based community is in disarray and unable to evangelize with any success. Not mirroring another organization that does work and shares this tradition, "it is attraction, not promotion", nothing the current church manifests is attractive. One the contrary, the use of a burn in hell promise to prompt folks to join them is increasingly their last play to win over converts. Scaring people to join a faith based religion is brutish, although in keeping with those church leaders who prize the lifestyle of the wealthy more than the health and good will of their congregation.

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