Thursday, August 6, 2015

Myths and superstitions seem to comfort those who are less able to think for themselves (#2379)

Why are some less able to think for themselves? I know they can think but they appear to stop when it comes to reasoning and analyzing. Is it so hard to put your mind to facts and logic when it is your life's direction that your are faced with? Is it somehow easier to just say let me believe in something instead of let me understand something. Is the model of a myth or superstition so attractive that we are willing to give over reality to it? For me it is failure to launch into the best of who we are. Again I will say this, we are data processing entities. It is what we do! We are biologically created to learn and grow from knowledge and experience. It is all of our destinies. Since our childhood and dependence upon each other to survive up until we are out on our own, learning and adapting is our forte. We have minds that help us with memory, questions and answers. Our five senses are our probes into reality to understand the nature of where we exist. Being biological, we only have a limited time frame to which we can exist so the most efficient way of life for us is to maximize our senses and bring about our reasoning and analyzing to logical and common sense concluding as quickly as possible. Wasting time on lore from the past as a means to temper our imaginations and curiosity is abysmal, unfortunate and wasteful. It is a surrender to the unknown, instead of conquering the unknown. Most likely it is fear based and fear is real in our lives but we also have courage to overcome fear and having that remedy and not using it is why too many of us are too weak and useless to do our part in building a bold and adventurous society. "I regret that I have but one life to live" said Nathan Hale about courageously sacrificing his life for a better society for all, Inversely, the same could be said for those of us who later realized that we had wasted our lives on superstitions and myths so we didn't have to live a courageous and fulfilling life like we were built to live.

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