Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Our only purpose for living (#2392)

To become aware. Everything after that is a choice. We can use our awareness to do good in every little thing we do. In other words live an honorable life. That doesn't mean we can't have fun but our fun must not harm others. Or we can choose to use our awareness to do less than good and look out only for ourselves. This is the lesser way to live but it does suit those who have no care for others. It is my contention that we are all born with a curiosity and compassion. What we do with those two primary human traits is often what defines us and shapes our personalities and character. Many of us have asked no one in particular "what is our purpose in life"? or simply put "why"? For me the answer has to be a logical one, even if we we evolved from chaos. Logic is the only way we can measure knowledge. If you give me that we are a curious species with a brain able to calculate and diagnose and a memory able to store and comprehensively apply new information and an ability to sense through our five senses constant data for input, surely you must give me a logical process for distinguishing between the facts and the fiction of what we discern. Logic is our only means for communicating with each other effectively. I put it to you that there is honor and nobility in every action necessary for our society to function. Regardless of the chore or responsibility. In knowing that we live our purpose. We are part of a larger force of will, not just our own, and as such we must see that nothing we do is less important than our greatest achievement. Now you may think that becoming aware is a simple duty we easily accomplish and that very few lack the ability. Yet some have taken being aware and traded it for safety and comfort. This trading of our individuality in order to avoid some fear is again a lesser life not worthy of the great boldness the human species has fiercely acquired.

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