Saturday, August 15, 2015

The benefit of the politics of greed and selfishness has a cost (#2388)

When the manipulators are the beneficiaries then innocence and harm are the cost. We trust our leaders to actually be our leaders and not some straw men/women for a particular group. We expect our leaders to be strong advocates for all of us not just the ones who pay to lobby them. Let me explain, there is always a cost/benefit analysis to every decision made by our representatives. Weighing these cost/benefits is what we expect our representatives to do in a way that works to secure liberty and freedom while upholding equality and fairness. Everything must start from the ideal of democracy. No decision can begin without taking into consideration the cost/benefit to all within our society. At least that is the idealist approach. What we have instead is a system that rewards capital to the detriment of those majority of us who are not capital wealthy. It is not like the greedy and selfish are unstoppable but we majority seem to lose to the greedy and selfish and those they get elected to represent us. How is this possible when we the majority have the numbers to elect our leaders who are more in line with a democratic approach? It is stagnancy within our citizenry to embrace our duty to learn who it is that is trying to lead us and what they stand for while exercising our right to vote regardless of any circumstance. We fail to show up at the voting booth, we fail to analyze the candidates and their parties for their vision and we fail to understand the importance of what electing candidates of the greedy and selfish will do to our hope to have a more prosperous life while keeping our democratic principles alive and well. We fail at being Americans who should be all about determining our future together. We abdicate our responsibility to be free with a voice. Nothing good can come of it and we are already seeing the ill effects of our complacency.

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