Saturday, August 29, 2015

The desperation of being brutalized (#2402)

We sit here safe in our seats at home here in America while the world is volatile in too many places. I feel guilty for having some safe harbor here while too many others are fleeing for their lives with all they can carry on their backs. Philosophically it reminds me that our world is not civilized enough for all of us to live in peace, yet it also reminds me that real people are trying to stop the violence enough so that we can find peace for all. Reality is more dark and harrowing. Reality is showing me that the forces that wish to keep peace at bay are still strong and forceful in their intent to kill and harm. What does this say about the nature of humanity? It isn't the humanity that I live so it tells me that there is a brutal perversion that exists among us that does not recognize the value of human life. Surely these despotic souls recognize a higher order of value for their own lives but not for anyone else's. This perverted mindset that has infected their ability to reason with a humane logic must be quelled with a strong arm since the kindness of debatable argument is impossible. We must abate those who would destroy humanity for their own brutal perversions with the same force of will even if it must include shackling and removing them from further interconnectedness with the rest of civilization. An intelligent and caring society must not only be willing to negotiate our problems with an eye toward the most doable solution, but we must also wield a heavy hand when forced to act by those who would brutally pervert our system of equality, justice and fairness. The desperation of being brutalized that too many feel now is an effect from the cause of too many societies ruled by too many perverted brutalizers.

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