Saturday, August 8, 2015

The liberal bashers (#2381)

I have some acquaintances who are constantly bashing liberals for reasons I am unable to figure. The reason being is that they are either employed through liberal policies or are on assistance that is provided by liberal policies, yet to hear them talk it is as if being a liberal is absurd or degrading. I can't wrap my mind around the cognitive dissonance of it all. I have a feeling it has more to do with their own sense of worth. it is easy to go around and act like someone who is tough and can make it all on their own and if that is the illusion some need then that would explain most of this to me. I can't see though how when I explain the larger picture of their hypocrisy they are just unable to admit it and then work it out for themselves. their is an underlying hatred somewhere that won't let them see all people as good if given the same opportunities. I muster froward though with my head shaking because despite how hard I try to use reason and logic, it is impenetrable to their preset thinking. Another thought occurs to me as well. I imagine also that they cannot allow anyone who they think is less deserving of being intelligent to teach them something they won't admit in public that they don't know. An arrogant pride that must be protected whether it is being cruel or dishonest as a result. All of this just reminds me how tired I am of trying to tell some people that doing and being good is a full time gig and that there is no room for illusions or hypocrisies. I guess I should just feel fortunate that I am not them, people who are not comfortable in their own skin, and not comfortable with others in their own skin. What a sad commentary in how they have to view life and live it. Anyway, just some thoughts about the recent liberal bashers I have crossed paths with. Not pretty but not un common with them either.

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