Friday, August 14, 2015

Today's Republican voters are those cave dwellers in the Allegory of the Cave (#2387)

Socrates gave us a perfect example of what it is like to be a Republican voter. In the cave, the uneducated are led to believe that the shadows on the walls are reality. When one finally escapes from the cave and sees the world as it really is the one becomes enlightened to the fact that the rest in the cave are still being mislead. The analogy still rings true today for Republican voters. They would rather stay comfortably in the little knowledge they have because it suits their lifestyle than to become educated to greater knowledge of the world around them. This is their dilemma, living in reality but with blinders on. I think of it as a lack of courage to actually be human. We humans are a curious lot and denying our curiosity is less than human. Why would we deny our curiosity if it is essential to our humanity? Fear, and what causes the fear? Change. Being afraid of what is yet happening or being afraid of what is yet to be is cowardly. No one is given a safe harbor in this dynamic existence. Yet too many have sought out shelter from reality by ignoring it and adopting illogical practices. Staying in the cave is a comfort that too many are willing accept instead of living a life that embraces our strengths and increases our knowledge. So staying mediocre in knowledge is a goal for those who are too cowardly to embrace the fullness of life. Not much of a tradeoff in my mind. I would rather live heartily and accept what comes than to ignore change and only accept that which doesn't allow us to grow. Again, fear can do that and many use fear against others just for the purpose of backing them off from confronting them when they manipulate us. Staying in the cave and accepting the shadows as reality may keep some safe but it will do nothing to allow us to grow in knowledge and experience, which gives us a fuller and more satisfying life.

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