Wednesday, August 5, 2015

War is what Republicans want (#2378)

Republicans are an elitist group in their own minds. They think that their hypocritical policy of survival of the fittest should be the governing principle in all things. So not only are they unsupportive of social programs here in America, because we should all only be responsible for ourselves, which is illogical, but they also see it as the governing principle for other cultures and societies that are not American. That is why negotiating is seen as a weakness to them, not a strength. It is either all or nothing in their minds and they think that since they are an elite group they should never be anything less than right all the time. So if you decide to vote for a Republican just know what you are supporting, not a democracy where we all have a say in our future but an ideal that presupposes that we are not equal but instead the pawns of those who are not them. As such, them being the overlords to the rest of American society, we are at their behest to fight wars where divisions in policy and rights are in question. It won't be them fighting the wars it will be those of us who are less fortunate than to be wealthy. Every thing is simple to Republicans. If a question of supremacy is broached Republicans will not hesitate to apply force to quell the question. Rule by force is the doctrine of the conservative Republican party and those of us who want a democratic society like our forefathers/mothers intended will end up being the cannon fodder in Republican wars. Enlightenment, innovation, creativity and the rest of modernity are also the casualties of Republican rule since again, Republicans like things simple. Just know what you are voting for the next time you vote so that maybe you will understand that Republicans are at war with democracy and the very survival of democracy is in our hands. I would rather win the battle for the soul of our country through the vote, as opposed to having to kill each other to survive for the Republican way of war.

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