Tuesday, August 25, 2015

We need intelligent leaders not brutish ones! (#2398)

We have tried brutish leaders who are far from intelligent as leaders and all they have done for us is very little. By very little I can't think of anything so I gave them a benefit of my uncertainty. Nothing that stands out as applaudable. The Republican party is where these brutish leaders are elected from and what is most galling is that many of us have seen this for so long yet cannot convince others from voting for them or others to participate in the vote. It is as if intelligence is being mocked for no sake at all except for harm. I so yearn to be proud of our great American electorate but have as of yet I am only slightly so. We did elect our first African American/white president during the last two national elections and that is significant for our country. Although the civil war was decided 150 years ago in favor of the anti-slavery faction, segregation and institutional racism still flourish under the guise of unequal laws. We have allowed for women to vote about 95 years ago as the law of the land but our brutish leaders from the republican party are never ending in finding ways to make laws that prohibit many women from voting. We changed the voting age from 21 to 18 back in 1971 and since then Republicans have been finding ways to subvert that right by making it hard for students to vote in the college states they attend outside the states they reside. The elderly have not much use for driver's licenses or ID cards but drivers licences and/or ID cards are increasingly required for them to vote. The obviousness of the brutish Republican party to limit the class of voter, mostly Democrat, is just another attempt by them to force us to accept their way of thinking by denying our right to choose. Republicans are not attracting us to their vision, they are thrusting it upon us through strong armed tactics. I expect nothing less of brutish leaders, so let's say we deny them a place in our politics when the next national election in 2016 arrives.

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