Sunday, August 23, 2015

White privilege and black denigration (#2396)

The color of one's skin is how too many judge each other. The die was cast centuries ago when people of color were considered property by those whites who captured and then bought and sold them. The disgraceful mindset of people as property is the white races shame and being of the white race I bear the stain of my forefathers/mothers who inhumanely practiced this despicable act. Although an American civil war was fought to overcome slavery the remnants of slavery persist to this day. Low wages, poverty and a lack of education, health care and opportunity are the vehicles that keep some white's finding contentment in their never ending justification for labeling some beings lesser than them. White privilege has a home in the Republican party and anyone who votes for their candidates is enabling such cruel and brutish behavior. I am not a black man so my feelings on the denigration the African Americans and even now the Hispanic/Latine races feel is only superficial. But let me tell you, it may be superficial but it is cutting. How much worse must it feel for those who feel it's pain deep within. This existence isn't without consequence regardless of what reality is showing us. There is a sense that Karma and inverse proportion will come to show it's punishment to those who flaunt respect for life and dignity for all those who possess life. I know I work in ways that will help a proportional response to those who are either cavalier about their racism, or deeply hiding it. There is no escape from this horrible behavior that shames the rest of us who are civilized and objective thinkers. I may be of the white race but I am not an advocate for it. I am a human being and that is my race. I do not subset myself out to please those around me nor do I compromise on equality, justice or fairness. The sheer hatred that it takes to think along lines of segregation and condescension will never get any quarter or safe harbor from me and those who are like me.

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