Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Will you vote this coming national election in 2016? (#2384)

The hallmark of a democracy is the citizen's right to vote. How much do you know about that hallmark? Do you know that women were not even given the right to vote until the national election of 1920, less than 95 years ago? In 1867 African/Americans were given the right to vote but due to the effectiveness of poll taxes and other impediments, African/Americans were not fully enfranchised with their right to vote until 1965. The reason being is that conservatives have long established that their brand of politics is not democracy, but instead rule by landowners and white race elites. This is not a fallacy. Conservatives in the Republican party fought to preserve our nation for the King of England, conservatives fought to keep African/Americans as slaves, Conservatives advocated and voted to keep us from having Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and a central government strong enough to keep the states from acting as their own country, among a few anti-democracy policies. The Republican party of today has all these like minded conservatives entrenched within it so the idea that Republicans would compromise their principles of destroying democracy as we know it is an illusion. Why do you think they work so hard to make voting difficult for those who are not Republicans? Conservatives can only win elections if the majority of us do not vote. Historically this coming election will likely see 60% of the registered voting electorate actually cast ballot. That other 40% that doesn't vote is an overwhelming majority of non Republicans. So we get Republicans elected to office because a strong minority of our citizenry that is anti Republican won't bother to vote. Those of you who won't vote, ask yourself this, do you want to live in a democracy or do you want to be less that our founding fathers/mothers envisioned, fought and died for?

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