Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A soul satisfying life (#2427)

Very few things in life should make us want to harm ourselves or others. A healthy society doesn't reconcile the less than better as good enough. We see so much of the hustle and bustle of our society arranged around our ability to make ends meet or even succeed beyond our basic necessities. The drive to have an ordinary life is so centered on competition with each other that the end result is that many will lose in the competition, and only a few seem to consistently win in the competition. That is out of balance with all of us finding happiness in our lives. You would think that in the end we all would like to see each other be happy. Not so with our current economic and social paradigms. We have too many unfair economic scenarios that favor certain folks over many folks. We have too many who do not understand the basic tenet of the first amendment of our constitution and want to instead place their own rationalizations of morality upon many others. Our economic lives and our social lives are not being given due deference to all on an equal opportunity basis. I prefer to let live and do good where I can when the intent of others is the same. I cannot always do that in the face of too many who place greed and power above happiness, but I do try. Although I have found an inner peace in my own life I still advocate out to others that overall we are being cut short from an ideal reality. It is my duty not to sit back with what little peace I find in my own happiness but to instead fight for those who have far less even though I have little. There is something within me that drives me to protect those who are less able to protect themselves and to stand up to those who are much stronger than I am. It is the nature of me to want my happiness but not at the expense of others finding theirs.

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