Sunday, September 27, 2015

An example for us all (#2431)

The Catholic pope visited America over the last week and by his actions and words we can all learn a valuable lesson. I am NOT advocating any type of religion here, instead I am highlighting the man at the head of one of the world's largest religions. His actions speak volumes as to how we should be living. Much like the Hindu, Mahatma Gandhi taught us about self sacrifice, living the idea of the religion is the value, not the religion itself. So as a spiritual minded soul like myself who calls the universe and its connectivity to myself my religion, I can emulate someone else from another faith based system and learn. If there is one thing religion can teach all of us it is to be humble. Finding our core and letting that core find peace. We here in America have taken religion to an abstract state, where profit from tithing is acceptable and preaching the prejudice of politics expected. Though the Bible is supposed to be the guide, it's message is often left wanting by our churches today. By examining the life of the current Catholic pope we find a man who is not in the position to profit for himself, contrarily, he is in it to help those who would seek help. he is living the example of the picture we get of the Christ. Not the Pharisees and money changers in the Temple. We humans are a troubled lot. We cannot keep ourselves in line with logic or compassion, so we step outside what is best about us and allow ourselves to think we are better than we are. This is why humility is so important, it keeps us in check with reality. So while I do not advocate for religion as it is practiced with the dogma of man, I do advocate for living a life that exemplifies the best of what religion would like to teach us. I have been reminded by the pope's visit of the kindness that is just bursting within me hoping to get out.

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