Monday, September 28, 2015

Exploration of our universe (#2432)

No one here should doubt that I am one of the biggest proponents of space exploration that there is. I mean if I had to sacrifice most of what I have to be part of the effort I would unhesitantly. There are few things in life that inspire me like discovering the yet undiscovered. The bottom of our deepest oceans notwithstanding but we have pretty much scoured our planet for hidden discoveries. The next generational step for our species is to advance beyond our limited boundaries. Unlike manifest destiny and our early courageous explorers, we have a good idea about where we will go and the maturing science to get us there. The difference is that we will be discovering beyond any discovering our species has ever attempted. If you haven't guessed it by now I am not much one who believes in human divisions. We are all humans and all of us deserve that recognition and respect. Together, with our diverse outlooks and abilities, I have no doubt that our species is capable of not only succeeding in our universal quest but we are varied enough with knowledge and common sense to expand our reach even further into our solar system and then beyond that. The universe is so large that even trying to define it with the term eternal is not definitive enough to comprehensively describe its scope. We humans, like I have stated here in this blog many times are like individual biological data processors. We input information through our senses and analyze, reason and compute through our majestic brains. Our purpose for existing is to discover, we are all Christopher Columbus' and the sooner we get on with our destinies the sooner we get to the treasure of discovery that the universe has to offer.

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