Saturday, September 5, 2015

Facing death with dignity (#2409)

Our mortality is not something we often spend time preparing to face. In fact we would as soon do anything else than to think about how our end or when our end of life will come. I know that most all of us would fight against the idea or the eventuality of death with all of our might but when the battle has been lost, is when we find out who we really were and how we want to live the time that is left. I am currently seeing this with my sister in law Dena Clark. She has been a part of our family for three and a half decades and although her husband, my oldest brother Jim's passing took place over 10 years ago, she has not lost any standing with those of us who regard her love and loyalty of our brother's life and now memory. The fact that she is a gentle soul who has had to endure the trauma of her own terminal physical ailments is further a weight on those of us who see how fragile life can be. What she has chosen to do is spend her days with our parents who are looking to her needs with nurture and love. She has not lost her sense of humor nor her kind understanding of our ridiculous natures at times. She is showing us how to live with an upbeat attitude when she has every right not to. Every one of us can learn from her example and when my time comes if I get to know it before it happens I will remember her eloquence in dealing with the ultimate harsh reality. Life is a gift to live especially into the later stages of life, but no matter how long we live, we must find our ability to see above our own plight. We must live like we truly love being alive and express that back to all who are around us. This is why I constantly harp on the idea of finding our contentment. A contented soul can express the joy of life even when our mortality is ending. Building up a reservoir of happy memories and good deeds is the best path to contentment and to living out the remainder of our lives with dignity and honor.

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