Saturday, September 26, 2015

My passions and frailties in a constructive way (#2430)

I am human so I experience most all human emotions. Although some of our species are incapable of human emotion but thankfully I am not one of these psychopaths/sociopaths. So occasionally I rant and rage with the best of them. I say this because these posts I post are not perfectly reflective of my own behavior. Again, I am human and given that imperfection is within my daily experience, I sometimes allow myself the indiscretion of actually participating in my own failures and foibles as a human being. I know what I am doing yet there are too many numerous times when my failure to be a nonstop shining example is exposed. I accept that and live with my frailties. Yet, although I may come out of my skin at times it is never from the genesis of a good and/or kind act. Specifically, when I do lose my "cool" and dig deep within that loss, it is usually because I have been outraged by utter stupidity or ridiculousness. Occasionally I do play the fool and try to lambast those who are the villains in our politics with some goofy paradigm meant to shine a light on their harm. But that is just my humanity taking a break from the seriousness of calling out harm when harm is being perpetrated. Again, I am human and given to being at fault. I don't pretend to be someone I am not although I strive to be someone who I hope can be trusted to tell the truth, especially when the truth is being questioned. I am just a simple man who has created a forum for himself to fight back against those forces that are stronger and more powerful than I am with the only weapon I have, my honor. So when I go off on some funny side or ranting side of myself, take care to know that I am real and like all of us given to creating outlets for steam or personality to vent. Thanks for reading this and letting me explain that I am no more or less than anyone else.

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