Thursday, September 24, 2015

Logic without compassion is cruel (#2428)

I am one of the most fervent defenders of logic that there is out there. yet I am human and my humanity is why I care about logic. Otherwise without humanity, logic is cold and harsh. Logic is a comprehensive precision by which we can calculate the simplest of tasks. But without a human touch to it the order of the task is only supreme, not the effect on the human performing it. What we have here in this existence is a limited geographical sphere from which to operate and live out our lives. By coming together as a society we have agreed that doing things together instead of being at chaotic odds with each other is much more sensible. So our society allows us to operate under rules and conditions we are still working on but mostly agreeable. It is this somewhat peaceful paradigm that civilization offers us that we can employ logic for the most part and mostly all agree. Because life on our planet is finite none of us is going to escape the confines of it in the foreseeable future. So we endeavor to occupy our time here doing what we can to maintain our society but also to fulfill our lives where we can based upon the contract of society. Our humanity is the key to how our society breathes. We have given in to society so that we can enjoy life and have happiness because of it. Never should our society become so strict with just cold logic as it's guide without taking into account our circumstances for having a society. It isn't just to maintain order and otherwise compete against each other as a way of placating the masses and killing time. It is to create a civilization that not only offers equality and justice to all but opportunity as well to all while never letting the least of us become expendable. Logic tells me that our human lives should be getting better not getting worse and when I see our lives getting worse then I know logic is being employed without any humanity at it's foundation.

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