Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Men and the Tarzan complex (#2405)

Here is a problem our American society has let nurture in our young males. We allow a stream of consciousness that dictates the male of our species is a superior gender to females. You can see it clearly in religious teachings and examples in current law regarding choice over women's bodies and the lesser pay women receive for the same work as men. Institutionally we inculcate not only our young males that this is acceptable but we force this dogmatic inequality on women through condescension and disrespect. I have for the last few days been engaged in discussions concerning rape. The mentality that is needed for a man to think that a desirable woman is his toy to be played with and discarded after usage. Many others and I have concluded that the genesis that allows for a man to consider and act as a rapist has a few components. First is the power men feel they are obliged over women due to their birthright as a stronger more physical species. Second is the control men feel they should have to make a woman/women respond like they wish them to act. Lastly is the sex drive, which men feel is their natural right to employ as a benefit of them being a higher order human male. All of these components of rape are justified in their minds for their fortune for being born male. The king of the jungle if you will is not the lion but is man in man's eyes. Man takes what he wants and protects that which is his. The survival of the fittest argument once again. Well we don't live in a jungle, we live in a civilized society where men and women are equal under the law so the rights of a man are no different that the rights of a woman. We still have inequalities in our law favoring men over women and until we break those laws down and provide true equality, men will wrongly continue to infer that they are due power, control and access to women as a right. Women are not property, they are our fellow travelers through time and space and deserve all the rights and privileges that we men demand for ourselves.

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