Monday, September 7, 2015

Our lives can still be magical (#2411)

Despite the never ending effects of bad people who do bad things on a constant basis, we can still find our little world within the one around us. Because we have within us an amazing ability to overcome our current reality and create new realities based upon our imaginings. I take what little I have around me and see the beauty in it. I sense that time and space keep me locked up in a box but I can still see what could be outside that box. I have found that regardless of horrible people treating other people horrible and getting away with it that karma or morality will eventually conquer them and despite their outcomes I am free from their infectiousness. This must be like what the wise have counseled us about when they tell us to elevate above it all and let the serenity of stillness wash over us. Letting our cores live outside ourselves. The magic happens when we hold our hopes and dreams dearer to us than all the materials around us. As long as I draw breath I will never again stray from the best of who I am and that my friends is my secret for living a magical life. No amount of temptation to change from my simple perspective exists. A groove that never ends. Without the magic everything is just motion with chaos and fear. As time goes on I find that I cannot even fathom how to describe the wonders of my life. There are too many and many of them are just moments in time that I could never hope to remember all. The more to come as well. This blog post is me at my core today and that is not something I do often but today I am in a unique flow with how my mind is working. Sometimes I write a post just for me to free flow and this is one.

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