Saturday, September 12, 2015

Passport ready but no stamps (#2416)

This has been on my mind for several years now. Back in 2002 I got my first passport and expected to hopefully get out into the world. But no, Republicans started two wars and I felt it wouldn't be right to be exploring the planet as best I could while we Americans had committed to war. Over the years the wars raged on and no thought was given to traveling abroad. We have finally moved past Republicans being in control of whether we go to another war so it is time to think again about getting out into the world. I am now on my second passport, they time out after 10 years, and still no stamps from any other port of entry. I will make certain by waiting for the 2016 national election to make sure a Republican is not elected in as President and when we have another Democrat as president it is then I will begin to make plans for an overseas trip. I have wanted to go to the United Kingdom as a start and if and when I can I do believe England is where I will get my first passport stamp. Our world should be a place for all of us Earthlings to explore as much as we can. These constant divisive wars and threats of war are unworthy of our species. We are not some form of cattle to be owned or sold as some may wish to do to us. We are all intelligent human beings, with the freedom to live our lives without causing each other harm. The natural wonders of our planet are a sight to behold from what pictures I have seen. I want to see them firsthand. I have had a hankering to visit Stonehenge all my life and other great monolithic structures that define our past. I am getting up in years now so the window is closing for folks like me who want to share ourselves with the world and see what the world offers us back. it is getting close to time to dust off the passport and make ready a stamping.

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