Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Republican politics are about greed for the wealthy (#2413)

Eventually, someday those poorer Republican voters will realize that despite all these inconsequential hate filled social policies that Republicans keep front and center, the economics of Republican politics is what is not helping them. They don't see it yet because Republican leadership plays to their prejudices, and gives them hope that they will someday be wealthy if only they could defeat and destroy the Democratic party. Republicans don't use logic or reason to convince their voters, They use prejudicial rhetoric to inflame the passions of their otherwise less than objective voting base. I don't know how and when the Republican party became such bigots and liars, probably around the time of Nixon, since Eisenhower was at least a decent human being. But since Nixon the Republican party has done all it can to weaken what was our strength here in America, the middle class. By telling less than intelligent poor folks that people of color and people who are educated are the problem, they have sufficiently segregated out a large mass of people who think the Republican party is caring for them over the "others". It will be tough to break that allegiance since The wealthy here in America have mostly sided with Republican politics because of the greed the wealthy can profit from with a diminishing middle class. At least that is what the greedy wealthy think. So controlling much of the media and spending immense amounts of money in the political arena has allowed Republicans to keep their disingenuous message alive. Like I say, someday the less than objective will see that their lives are not getting better and will hopefully become more curious as to why. It is then that they may find that the Republicans they bet their future on are the ones who are keeping a decent future from happening for them.

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