Thursday, September 17, 2015

Republicans lie to keep power (#2421)

We have little in the way of truth in advertising laws when it comes to politics. So which party has taken that advantage and distorted and lied about most issues concerning Americans? Why of course it is the Republican party. (Lie number 1). The latest trick they are trying pull is the one where the economy isn't full of high paying jobs and they are proposing that electing them would change that. Republicans don't bother to tell us how they will do that but they claim they will. The vulgarity of their claim is undercut by the fact that the Republican party refuses to raise the minimum wage to keep up with inflation. So Republicans are stagnating the wages that they are claiming to be wanting to improve. (Lie number 2). Republicans are also the ones who are blocking Democratic sponsored needed infrastructure bills to repair and replace our roads, bridges and utility grids. Now that republicans have effectively blocked these bills that could provide millions of good paying jobs to the American people Republicans are blaming Democrats for not creating opportunities for greater economic fortune. (Lie number 3). Democrats have introduced bills to level the playing field on pay for women with men for doing the same work but Republicans, who blocked this as well since they control both houses of Congress, once again blame Democrats for not improving the lives of working women. (Lie number 4). There are laws on the books that reward corporations for taking their manufacturing of products overseas. Democrats have spent the last decade trying to undo these laws and instead reward corporations who keep their manufacturing processes here in America and penalize those corporations that take their manufacturing processes overseas. Republicans have successfully blocked these attempts and further have tried mightily to give large corporations and the wealthy even greater tax breaks. Now we know that manufacturing jobs pay better than service industry jobs but Republicans refuse to help the American job force, once again blaming democrats for not improving the economy Republicans were most responsible for crashing under President G. W. Bush. Lies are what Republicans have and the more we electorate refuse to call them out on them the more we hurt ourselves in the long run.

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