Sunday, September 13, 2015

The destructive power of wealth (#2417)

Here in America our middle class is being destroyed by the wealthy. We are all just people who ordinarily would exhibit a more nurturing attitude toward each other except that wealth has given some of us a fear that if we don't keep the non-wealthy as far away from us as possible we will lose our wealth to them. What these wealthy don't get is that a greed has beset them so that being comfortably wealthy is not enough and nothing short of obscene wealth will do. Which means they must take from those who have a little until no one has enough. The wealthy justify this by telling themselves that this is the nature of economics and only those tough enough to do whatever it takes to secure their wealth are worthy of respect. What these greed infected wealthy do not understand is that our nation has been built by a thriving middle class and destroying that middle class, although good for their profit and bottom line, will erode the nature of their reality. They will become more isolated and more hated by those of us who are left with little to no wealth and little opportunity to for anymore. The wealthy also don't see the anguish and punishment they are inflicting on the bottom rung of society. They live in their mansions and their guarded fortresses away from the real world of despair they are creating. The current trend of greater income inequality is not seen by them as a harbinger of an ill society, on the contrary, it is seen by them as reflective of their own brilliance to achieve. Their ego's have outgrown any logic that if they stopped to become objective, would tell them that taking all for themselves will lead to the downfall of the very structure that allowed them a chance for success to begin with. Their infectious greed is the driving force behind their dismantling and destruction of our middle class and growing income inequality and the time for stopping them is now for if they solidify their advances in economics, politics and law, through the Republican party, we those who are non-wealthy, will find ourselves without a voice in our own democracy, with only table scraps as our only hope.

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