Monday, September 14, 2015

There is much work to do here in America (#2418)

There is no more time to ignore the challenges we face here in our great democracy. We all have a duty to know the problems we face. In that knowing we will then be able to find consensus on how to work to fix our problems and create an even better society. We have got to find a way to not only confront climate change but to nationwide and worldwide work to reverse what effects we still can. We need to make voting universal so that all of us are part of the solution which creates a bond of ownership we can all be proud of. We need to make health care universal and not for profit. The health of our citizens should be a right, not a privilege. We need to get all private money out of our elections and make our elections about the issues, not the influence. We need to provide enough good jobs for our citizens so that a burgeoning middle class is revitalized. Our nation is in bad need of infrastructure repair and replacement which should provide millions of job opportunities as well as room for new ideas and innovation in our electrical grids and other vital delivery systems. New technologies are fast becoming the normal in efficient energy sustainable applications. There is no need for us to continue to ignore the effect of fossil fuel on our planet or our physical health. We must also reign in the continuing growth of income inequality. We can do this by removing the cap on Social Security and raising taxes on the wealthiest obscenely rich in our society. We must also make education our highest priority again. We have fallen away from educating our children as a whole. Education at the highest levels should be public private enterprise where no tuition is required. If we entice our brightest into a life long pursuit of knowledge we will all benefit from their imaginings. I could go on and on especially in the area of eliminating poverty, policing philosophy and human and animal social services but that will be for a later time.

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