Tuesday, September 15, 2015

There is no accolade for being a brute (#2419)

It seems that too many feel that by being harsh and brutish as a philosophy is an honorable thing. A greater calling heard only by those who consider themselves somewhere between human and demigod. They have vanquished their conscience and only see themselves as some self determined judge of all of humanity. They act without regard to others and how their acts may affect them. They are only concerned with an ideal that allows them to discriminate and discard other humans as they see fit. I am no psychologist or psychiatrist so I won't try and diagnose their malady but it is certainly not reflective of those of us within the bounds of normalcy. They claim some moral high ground that is dispensational only to their understanding. In conjunction, they also foster a vision that their brutishness is a great value and subject to their interpretation for it's application. They have allowed themselves to control the thought that it is their right to rule regardless if it intersects with others. They see themselves as masters of the Universe who answer to no one except possibly others like them. We have many among us and their telltale sign is a heartless response to those many who have little hope. They see themselves as the ones who must make the hard decisions about life and death, again, the survival of the fittest mentality, whereas regardless of how well our societies care for all of us, they rebuke the idea of compassion and care as a value. Their vision contemplates nothing while forging is everything. Their idea of protecting lives does not include all. The brutes of our world are not here to advance civilization, if anything they are here to simplify it back to a rudimentary society where power and wealth are luxuries only for those who are the most capable of manhandling it from others. They will stop at nothing and if civilized laws get in their way they will work outside the law to dismantle all that is an obstacle to them. They either lost their humanity long ago or never had it, nonetheless, they will stop at nothing to create the world to their vision to the applause they hear in their own heads.

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