Friday, September 4, 2015

When you help someone you help yourself (#2408)

This is a phenomena that escapes the greedy and selfish among us. I was lucky enough to have learned this at an early age and because of that learning my life has not only been rewarding but it has been well satisfying. It is a bit of a conundrum to understand that by giving we receive. But once we get past trying to wrestle with it in theory and then apply it to our lives we find that karma or the universe has a way of bringing it to fruition. Doing good really is a remedy for not only the souls we help with the good but to our souls as well. We get to feel a worth or value to our existence that greed and selfishness is void of. Life has always been about the quality of the life, not the quantity within it. Regardless of whether I have wealth or I am a pauper, if I do right and good my life is content. That content feeling is invaluable. I can handle all the obstacles life throws at me when I am in a good spiritual place. Some of the most egregious things done to me and around me are all capable of me handling them when my mind is at peace. I find that peace by doing for others before I do for myself. Now I am no Mahatma Gandhi and I never will be able to live up to his most unselfish life but I do strive to live as best I can with the values he so admirably exemplified. I have also found that I am less involved in the wild imaginings I can sometimes create in my head when I am doing something for someone else. I am a creature who is fragile minded at times and even imaginary hurt can put me in a bad way. So keeping my mind healthy by being a good person not only keeps me from my own frailties, but it makes another's life more bearable. I wish I could make everyone's life a dream and if I could I damn well would, but in the meantime I can do what little I am able to do and be glad for that.

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