Friday, September 18, 2015

You can't take it with you (#2422)

Reality is that we accumulate stuff. At least here in the industrial nations where consumerism is the economic engine of our lives. However, there has to be an end point to how much we can accumulate especially when balanced with the needs of our whole society. Too much is just too much and is wasted on those who just like to have stuff whether they use it or not. A comfort in a psychological way. Yet the majority of the humans on our planet are barely scratching a living out of the dirt. Our humanity demands that we let loose of things that are not part of our lives and return them to the cycle of reclamation or redistribution. I have a closet full of clothes I will never wear again, I know this. Yet my inclination is to hold onto them just in case of something I cannot readily define. I need to let them go where they can be used by those who would put them to use. Same with the filthy rich, they have resources that they are banking for what I will call a rainy day, but the will never spend that banked capital because they have too much already to spend. We have tried to appeal to the extremely wealthy to manage their own accounts to prioritize the national good over greed but the results are dismal. With cases like the big box stores showing us for the most part how notoriously stingy and uncaring the large corporations can be instead of honoring the national good and the common worker. Why so many of these workers must rely on government assistance to survive is indicative of just how uncaring the wealthy have become. A redistribution is in order and since the wealthy refuse to uphold the common good they must be forced to do so from the very system that has given them plenty. There cannot be unlimited wealth as a right when wealth is finite. There has to be a measurable way of restricting wealth so that wealth can be attained but not obscene wealth held and closeted.

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