Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Anti intellectualism, the Republican mission! (#2462)

I am so confounded that greed could have such an effect on the wealthy. But of course I am a good soul so it does surprise me that some souls would treat other souls as property or temporary resources to be discarded when sufficiently manipulated. We humans are not just a tool for others to wield at their discretion. We also have ambitions to succeed in life and our accounts must be considered as well. So for the wealthy, through their vessel the Republican party, to continue to demand that we non-wealthy supplicate ourselves to their demands without so much as a by your leave is not to be borne. This is why we Democrats fight so hard for those who are not wealthy. We know that given free reign the Republicans would make us ignorant and dependent upon the wealthy so much so that we would do their bidding regardless of the cost to our dignity or our nature. The less intelligent we are the better for those who would seek to control our options. I cannot fathom nor will I allow any group of people within our democracy to usurp our freedom to be individual souls who have the right and liberty to pursue our own happiness. The only way all of us in our society can understand our potential is to be educated and informed. This means that intellectualism is a priority to maintain and expand, not decrease or eliminate. The Democrat mission is for all to have an opportunity to prosper while allowing merit to be our self determination model. Enough of the advantage and privilege Republicans seek to install as a method for success. Our educational system here in America must be a high priority policy and never shall we allow the lack of an open and accessible educational system to be an obstacle to our growth, despite the Republican mission!

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