Saturday, October 3, 2015

Conquering ignorance and fear with enlightenment (#2437)

There is one nation in our world where the remarkable advancement of enlightenment is occurring. Sweden, a country where the rights of humans is being advanced above the rights of the individual wealthy and corporations. I am so excited to see a country on our planet advance the ideal of the pursuit of happiness as a high priority in its social and economic policies. Sure they have their problems still but the fact that they are actually addressing them is an example for all of us to follow. We here in America cannot seem to get past the misbegotten idea that human life is worth less once achieved and then the idea of creating it. We here also seem to think that economic life is akin to a war we have to fight among each other for survival. Where the wealthy are assumed to be above the general laws the rest of us must follow. I look at Sweden and their encouragement of advanced education and that is how I see their successful evolvement. Where the idea there is to educate their citizens to a higher plane of reason and understanding, which is where enlightenment has the best chance to be fostered and bred. They also manage their economy in such a way as to basically have eliminated obscene income inequality. They have learned that government is the sovereign in all industry within their society. You cannot allow those who are the profiteers to set the rules for who and how profits can be made. You cannot allow those who are benefitting the most off of society to be the ones who decide how little tax they should pay. You cannot allow those who are bigoted to decide how much bigotry can be allowed and you cannot allow those who are elected into a democracy decide how much democracy some can have and others cannot have based upon something other than fairness. I hold Sweden up as an example of how life could be and hopefully we all will heed their insight.

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