Tuesday, October 6, 2015

If you believe in a God then thank him/her for Democrats! (#2440)

Republicans care not for the average person, which is about 95% of our American citizenry. If not for the Democrats and our fight to aid the working/middle/poor class there would be a barren wasteland between the castled wealthy and the rest of us peons begging for an ort. The Republican party has so far fought and lost in the battle to establish unemployment benefits, social security, medicare/medicaid, food stamps, Pell grants for college, and all other social programs aimed at establishing a floor by which no American human being should fall below. Think about this, Republicans would do away with not only social security insurance, by which we worker's pay every cent of, they also want to do away with voting as a right. How on this green blue Earth can there still be anyone who still votes for Republicans except the psychopath/sociopath(s) and the greedy wealthy. Where did the idea of a modern civilized society get so twisted that too many of us non-wealthy still vote for Republicans? How did the idea of science ever get lessened to the point of being downgraded to below faith based systems. I am in wonder as to the depths of how far we can fall from the days of my youth to now? When I was born in the 50's the promise of our nation was at a high degree of expectation and hopefulness, yet today just getting by or not going in reverse too fast is seen as an accomplishment. I am appalled by the deceit and deception employed by the Republican party to sacrifice the promise of our youth for old men to profit. It is an embarrassment of epic proportions and it stirs in me a fire that is melting hot. If there is one thing in existence I cannot stand or will not tolerate it is thievery from the promise of our collective future. We Democrats can only do so much so everyone else needs to get into the mix and make yourselves purposeful.

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