Friday, October 23, 2015

If you enjoy being afraid then keep voting for Republicans (#2457)

I am at a loss to think of one policy the Republican party has for America that isn't infiltrated with fear. Everything they do or propose is based upon being afraid of someone or something. Instead of embracing tolerance and diversity they embrace selfishness and division. I don't say this lightly because after all Republicans are human and being human have every opportunity to change. Just because they are absolutely in the wrong now doesn't mean that they can't raise themselves up out of their fox holes. Yet, how long can I allow myself to wait for those who find fear a worthy paradigm to exist within? Not much longer is my answer. I cannot wait much longer for them to cross the bridge of courage when they have no intention of willingly leaving their misery. We Democrats have learned that although the world is complex and formidable, so are we. We do not shirk our courage because of fear, in fact fear fuels our desire to conquer it. So instead of cowering and double crossing everyone else to preserve some idea of living, we challenge our fears and meet them with our heads held high. I have learned over the years that no good deed goes without some form of obstruction. There are enough petty minds out there that see goodness and kindness as weaknesses to be exploited. These exploiters are the Republican base. They take from those who can least afford the loss and give to those who least need the gain. The reverse Robin Hood syndrome. In some ways it is a supplication to the wealthy that these fearful ones operate under. If they appease their "betters" their "betters" will be less violent toward them. A fearful existence considering we live in a democracy that gives all of us an equal shot at being happy if we keep our democracy strong by voting to improve our lives, not make our lives worse. All it takes is a little bit of courage and you can stand up to anyone. Someday soon I hope the Republican base figures it out and joins the rest of us willing to fight for ourselves and even them too!

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