Saturday, October 31, 2015

Many minds aimed toward solutions (#2465)

This is the promise of our societies. If we all can have a say in how we move forward our chances are better that we will have examined all possible solutions. The more minds in the mix the better the possible outcome. None of us has a panoramic nor comprehensive mind capable of seeing or recognizing all permutations. Society is best equipped when it makes for all to be part of the process. We cannot nor should not exclude anyone. When all of our children and young adults have an opportunity to improve their minds through education and experiment then we all benefit by the increased awareness around us. The person with the next creative imagining to come along is not bound by any segregated paradigm. Who knows where and when the next great leap in innovation and technology will come from. To improve our chances of continuing enlightenment we must prepare our future generations now so that when their time comes to lead our great societies they will be better prepared to continue the evolution of the human species. There cannot be any who are left behind. It is abhorrent to think that we waste opportunities to help all in our society to achieve. There can be no greater purpose on Earth than to give back to our growth as an enlightened species. It is all of our destiny, not to fulfill our own ambitions but, to fulfill the promise of enlightenment. Knowledge is the key so therefore we need to make sure that none of our children and young adults are left without a chance to increase their knowledge. We must as a species prioritize our own character and behavior toward a reality based understanding of logic and science. It is what we have that is most efficient at this time to not only protect our species from the great unknowns in the vast Universe but also to master what this Universe is readily laying at our feet.

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