Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New chief of the Canadas (#2454)

Last night saw a page turned in Canadian politics. A majority party of liberals took over the government of Canada. The austerity of the conservative majority party was overwhelmingly rejected and in it's place a new vision of progressive and stimulus oriented policies were voted in. The people of Canada had had enough of their country breaking from it's traditional heritage of being a welcoming intelligent society. There is much to be learned here in America about how the attitudes of regular Canadians addressed the failed polices of the conservatives. We here in America have the same dilemna. We have too many conservatives and their austere policies obstructing what we liberals are trying to implement. Our next national election here in America is in about one year from now. We need the same type of sweeping out of Republican politicians that the Canadians did last night. The liberal agenda of inclusion, equality in all manners possible and stimulative spending to get our nation back to producing at a very high level is beckoning us to let it happen. All we need is for our base to come out and vote and for the independent and undecided voters to give us a chance to lead our nation instead of holding us back. The conservative party here will never give us a chance to show the world how great our nation can still be when we all have a stake and opportunities to grow together. I am so pleased with the results last night in Canada and surely those results will reverberate throughout our media and turn the tide from ignoring the differences between our parties and instead to highlighting them. Liberals can lead us out of the income inequality wilderness we are currently experiencing and turn our middle class from shrinking to growing. Vote for Democrats everywhere in the next election and give us a chance to prove it.

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