Friday, October 2, 2015

Our youth need their time to live (#2436)

The one thing that I have had is a fulfilling youth. A time of discovery and the excitement that created. Not everything out there has to be viewed from negative perspective. I gave myself the time to get comfortable with what would inevitably would be my future. The hubris of my youth had an outlet to get to know what it is to be human and enjoy the benefits of my one time at being a young person with his life all out in front of him. I may have been bolder than many but it is my nature to explore and experience. I risked my life many times that now seems reckless but at the time seemed so natural within my generation. I have seen nature and our environment from a view of uninhibited curiosity instead of fleeting time frames. I had pushed the envelope on the thrill of being all I could be within my youth. I loved the time I spent actually living my youth. I may have been too wild and free but there I was where I wanted to be and others were wishing they could be. I soaked in the adventures of my generation like a thirsty soul who was always seeking to quench his thirst. My experiences from back then were so numerous and so mind numbing when the memories come flooding into my thoughts. My youth, the most precious time of my life and I didn't spend it doing what I must do now as a result of not being the vibrant soul I was back when I was just starting out with my own individual life. No one can take that harmony from me nor diminish it. How I knew that that my youth was more important to me than what my future may bring was probably the wisest decision I have ever made. So today I am not the most successful in the grind of life but I am content in my soul regardless of the next moment of my present or future. This is why our youth need to be able to explore the genius of being young and all the vibrant memories they can store for their future contentment. Inside me I am still that young man I was all those years ago regardless that I am this now older slower less mobile man.

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