Monday, October 26, 2015

Progress is one step at a time (#2460)

Whether it be a big step or a small step, progress is only going in one direction. Shall we all be part of making progress regardless of whether it is a leap or a shuffle? I am at the age where I am not full of the hubris of youth anymore. I have some hubris but not like when I was younger. What that tells me is that I am more measured in my thoughts and actions. I do not go running toward any provocation or exhilaration. I am measured and even keel. So having this more comprehensive outlook I can see the panoramic picture of our lives and our society. This is why I push for progress at every juncture or crossroads. Because progress is where we all need to go toward. So if we can gain some progress over time I am all for that unless of course we can a lot of progress then I am even more for that. But do not be confused at all by what I am saying here. Whatever the forward movement of progress can be achieved is still my ambition. So when we as a party of Democrats are fighting over who we want to represent us in the next election, we may surely fight it out as to whom that will be based upon many factors. But at the end of our fighting to see who gets the nomination, we must all remember that progress is our goal. So if a small step or a large step of progress is available we must take it without doubt. So we Democrats need to be mindful that the nominating process is just the first step toward that progress and we must all keep in mind that our Democratic party is the party of progress and not being one hundred percent behind our party, is an obstacle to progress. This is all about the Bernie or HIllary contest now being waged. We can back one or the other but when the contest has been decided we must back the victor because no matter what else comes of it, our eventual candidate will be a candidate that moves us forward into progress, this I know as a fact.

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