Sunday, October 25, 2015

The fallacy of white privilege is just part of the fallacy of American privilege (#2459)

Yes, an even greater illusion than white privilege is the idea that we Americans think the world owes us something more because of what our elders did before us. Like we are born with a privilege that is deserved. We Americans are in for a rude awakening, we did nothing to deserve any accolade. That was our ancestors who fought in the 2 world wars, they deserve accolades not their children. We have to earn our place in society just like every other industrious soul on this planet. What we do have here in America is a great start from the legacy of our forefathers/mothers left for us to start. That is all though so any thoughts about us being special are lost in the concept of logical reality. We have to show the same determined, informed grit our previous generations fought hard to achieve in order for us to earn any distinction among the world's populace. Honor and nobility are no longer things of heritage and inheritance. Each human is responsible to display their own honor and nobility to earn the names. There are no free passes for one society over another. We only have what advantages were left to us by those who came before us. Many nations on Earth already see us for being usurpers of honor and nobility that we have not earned. This is why we have so many souls outside our society who disdain our arrogance. We Americans are no more special than them yet we act like we are. It is insidious for heredity or inheritance to be a factor in determining someone's overall value. I have to earn the trust and respect of everyone around me every day. There is no time off for some imagined dispensation. I am accountable for all my actions/non-actions. If I want to feel like I am more special than anyone else I damn well better have the evidence of the proof readily available for anyone to see. There is no white privilege and there is no American privilege that is not rightfully earned.

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