Monday, October 5, 2015

The harmony of goodwill and the sensation of hope (#2439)

Nothing on Earth is as rewarding as turning something worse into something better. I like to think of it as our inner harmonics. Our nature, by my reckoning is to be compassionate and curious. We care and we wonder. If that is true then when we see something not right and we make it even just a little bit better there is a reaction within our souls that uplifts us and offers us a sensation of hope. It isn't often that we can actually feel the effects of hope but hope is real not only in a conscious existential construct but in a felt way. What does hope feel like? It feels like satisfaction compounded with positive energy. Each day I wake up from my nightly sleep and it is if I am starting afresh from a new starting point. Such it is with the effects of a goodwill experience. I could have all the riches, glory and pleasure I desired out of life yet none of it stacks up to the simple expression of reaching out a hand to someone or something that is in desperate need of a hand. This current obsession with wealth and power is ridiculous from my vantage point. Nothing about the process to gain wealth and power is attractive but too many of our citizens are dismissive of the ruthless, cruel and brutish manner we have to take to achieve economic success. Somehow they have reconciled to themselves that achievement, regardless of the cost/benefit analysis is the ultimate paradigm over all else. What do we expect once the rare occurrence of wealth and power fulfillment has been achieved? Do we expect to feel the action of hope? The feeling of hope only comes about through making something better that was worse, not the accumulation of all the prizes that are out there. My life is simple, it is not dictated by the rules of commerce. Instead my life is dictated by the relationships I make better wherever my life takes me. My treasure is not tangible, my treasure is the smile I get when I can make something better or the respect I feel back when I have first given respect. The universe is greater than all of us so finding my harmony within it is much more important to me than to be filled with less than honorable actions devoid of care and wonder.

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