Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The King is dead. Long live the King. (#2455)

The first time I heard this phrase I was confused about what it meant. It sounded like it was illogical. How can a dead King live long? Well, in fact it is just a play on words and connecting two events with no intervening explanation. Surely the old King is dead but as soon as that occurs a new King will arise, thus, long live the new King. So it is in our politics today. it isn't Kings we are replacing but elected officials who represent our wishes and hopes. At least that is what it is supposed to be. We here in America are struggling against a tide of disinformation and a lowering of educational opportunities that in conjunction makes for a much more foolish electorate. We are not electing representatives who represent our better angels. Instead we are electing politicians based off of our fears and not our hopes. It is a sad time in America right now when weighed against the promise of our constitution and our time honored principles. Not only have we failed to our beating hearts but our minds have also stumbled. The care and ingenuity of our magnificent citizenry is being crushed by the greedy and power hungry that have installed themselves into leadership positions. The wealthy continue to forge it's way toward greater wealth without so much as a by your leave to vast majority of us not bent on greed as our greatest promise. A cancer of greed and power attainment is filtering through our society and until we can cut it out with the surgical precision that a landslide election will provide we will keep living in a country that has failed to move forward with a future that would make most all of us proud to be part of. There will always be an election and a new leader over time but when that electing time comes we must find it within ourselves to not only announce that the King is dead, but we must truly want our new King to live long.

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