Thursday, October 8, 2015

The most magnificent species existing (#2442)

Yes, we humans. We don't necessarily show it enough but the potential is unlimited. What we lack in courage and exhibit with fear notwithstanding. We have everything we need to master all around us. We have a complex mind that can reason, analyze and conclude. We have five senses from which to gather external and internal data. We have in our minds a memory system that not only allows us to recall previously learned information but to take many bits of information and comprehensively apply it in new and exciting ways. We have the capacity to walk on our feet upright and run and jump as needed. We can sustain ourselves from what we know of our surroundings. We are a species that is meant for great things in this otherwise barren universe that has for now encapsulated us. Our minds give us another paradigm, our imaginations. We can imagine not only what our past was like based upon science and fact but we can envision our future in ways that drives our innovation and creativity. No species in our knowledge base has ever been to this point in an evolutionary process. We adapt, that is what we humans do. We humans also have the capacity to care for our environment and the other species that inhabit our world and possibly beyond. We are so amazing that a comparison to a super evolved species is within our reach. We humans are at the threshold of conquering the boundaries of our planet and reaching out into the universe to seek out what we can find. Nothing is holding us back accept the aforementioned lack of courage and illogical fear. We will move beyond our own human fear based limitations and gain the confidence needed to become the species that we all imagine at some point in our lives that we truly are. I am humbled and privileged to be a human being and for that no greater gift has been given me.

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