Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What we find in the unknown doesn't have to scare us (#2448)

For those among us who think that we are somehow placed here not to question our existence but to just live it without changing or advancing into the unknown I have this for you. Stop it! We are by our human nature "built" to learn and acquire knowledge. It is who we are as a species. We are biological probes with the capacity to reason, analyze and conclude. Not only that but we have a memory capacity that not only stores information gathered through our senses but works comprehensively to constantly evaluate new information in with previous information. We by our nature are meant to change, to grow, to evolve. it is our nature! So those who would give into the idea that we are not meant to question the boundaries of our knowing are heretics to our purpose. Simply put, being afraid of what the future holds for what we will and must learn is cowardly. Now we have many brave souls in our society but it is obvious we have many cowardly ones as well. Those who find a safe harbor somewhere insignificant and then live their lives out with no desire to be what is human. The inverse evolution of the human is to go backwards where nothing new is gained and all that was must remain. I for one will not be associated with the cowardly act of hiding from my destiny as well as the destiny our species. At least if you are not able to be bold for the sake of championing your own life don't be a drag on those of us who are forging ahead into the great unknown. Stand back, not in the way, and enjoy the ride the rest of us are willing to lead. We are a magnificent species and living in our magnificence is our path. Nothing is stopping us but our own fears because the rest of the physical existential boundaries to our evolution are being overcome. What we find out there should not scare us but instead invigorate us to bolder and greater heights!

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