Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fear of what could be instead of fear of what is (#2489)

Once again the illogical fear of the Republican/conservative movement is showing. As the racist and intolerant members of the Republican voting block go out and kill those who have philosophical differences with them, while claiming they are scared of those who have those different philosophies, expose their flawed logic. Racist and intolerant Republicans are the ones everyone should be scared of. Somehow these Republican/conservatives see themselves as a more privileged human being than other human beings. That is racism at it's core where the whites in the Republican party see themselves as better than the minorities in the Democratic party. How that cowardly nefarious type of thinking has evolved for them is disturbing while ultimately being dangerous. These Republican racists arm themselves with weapons and parade around at gatherings where Democrats hold rallies and then claim they are the ones in fear. These pitiful Republicans have so ingrained into their belief that whites are under attack by everyone else that no amount of proof or reality will change their view. What they fail to understand is that we are all human beings regardless of the pigmentation of our skin. We were all from the first humans to reproduce yet that concept doesn't fit into their encultured racism so again, nothing that isn't at least white will ever do. I am sick and tired of the ignorance that is allowed to breed, and sanctioned by the Republican party. Especially since no amount of proof or evidence is ever given to show that racism is right and good. Racism is bad yet people will defend it like it is an honorable principle for living. It isn't the perpetrators of racism that should be scared of those who are under attack by racists, it is the victims of racial targeting that are the ones who need to be afraid of Republican conservative narratives that actually lead to dead non-whites by Republican/conservative white racists.

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