Saturday, November 7, 2015

For the pure moments (#2472)

Those moments when all is perfect. When I was younger I had an expectation that these types of moments were the normal not what I found out much later in life as the exception. There are some regrets I have now and it is that I didn't fully see those moments of purity were rare and not to be treated as anything less. I should have known that in my youth I was going to be living the greatest part of existence. I always thought that life would get better with age but that is not the case for me. Maybe it is just me but my youth was a force of nature. I had the world in front of me with so many ideals to live up to and to be inspired by. I loved and was loved back in ways that I have not been able to recapture as I have gotten older. Maybe it was the hubris by which I behaved or maybe it was the vigor I had about my role in existence. Regardless of the underlying genesis, life when I was younger had been the greatest store of memories for me to earn. Not that I don't find satisfaction and gratitude in my intervening years it is just that the world is not my oyster to retrieve my pearl from anymore. There was a strategy to my life that I purposely constructed, and that strategy favored my youth to the extent that even then I knew I was at my best as a fresh being starting out in life. What I didn't include in my strategy was an appreciation for those special moments I thought would be woven throughout my life. I didn't safeguard what pearls I did happen upon and now that those pearls are gone and just memories I find the regrets of lost pure moments that still linger and haunt my conscience are my only condolence. There is a lesson here and although I have lived a remarkable life by my own standard, I came up short in the area most desired by myself. Our lives are a comprehensive series of trials and errors and how we match up our successes with our failures is always going to be the panoramic view for how we find our way to our very own precious moments.

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