Thursday, November 5, 2015

No fairy tales here (#2470)

What are we doing to ourselves? We pretend more than we face reality. I would rather face the darkest part of our species' behavior than to lie to myself by ignoring it and playing at make believe. Enough of these sugar coated confusing mores, myths and superstitions! What is wrong with reality? Tell me, why I must live as a man who is proud of being an amazing human being and willing to face any danger this existence can conjure up, but unable to because too many of us are not willing to live as boldly as we could? I am stuck here in a societal existence that underplays our abilities while creating obstacles out of thin air as if they are of solid form. This current era of the human species will be marked in history not by courageous boldness but by a timidity that is more reminiscent of self loathing. We have not arrived folks! We are just at the beginning of a great quest before us. It has taken all of our previous history just to get to this magnificent point where we don't look back but instead look up and out. there is nothing stopping our will to innovate and create an Earthly force aimed at expanding our understanding and feeding our curiosity. Yet we cannot find that traction to move forward when we keep looking down and back to where we might have come from. This existence isn't about where we came from, on the contrary, it is about where we are going. It has always been so, whether we admit the truth of that or not. So instead of cowering behind some illusion no one can ever hope to prove, let's take our science and our logic, two superlative tools, and build our future around what is possible in reality, not what is impossible in the past. I know I have been waiting my whole life for a chance to find out just how incredible life can be when we decide that incredible is not the exception, but the rule.

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