Sunday, November 1, 2015

To solve a problem I have to face it (#2466)

Unlike an earlier version of me who would rather ignore a problem in hopes that it would go away, I am now in realization that most problems need to be faced. I cannot face them all since I am only one person living in a fixed time and space frame but those that I can face need my attention. What I find is that no matter what the problem, my mind has a way of adapting to it in ways that are mysterious to me. Once I learn of a problem or face an old one I had been ignoring I find that initially I have some real fears but as I continue toward thinking and acting upon the problem it becomes less ominous and more readily solved. The fear is replaced with a acknowledgement that there are solutions I just need to act upon and then move along to the next problem to solve. Always though is the first step toward making my world better and that is facing my problems. I can be a one man wrecking crew at times and in that wake I end up creating problems I hadn't intended. Such is the nature of this man who at times, less so now as I am getting more mature, doesn't weigh the cost/benefit of every action I take. It would behoove me to slow myself down long enough to realize that my actions and reactions need a better construct of application. A process by which I keep myself within parameters that exclude most if not all unintended consequences. That is more like an overall solution to life and that is being worked upon as I write this, however, the past has my mess in it and that is what this blog post is about. Facing old problems that don't go away, instead they just fester and irritate me when I think about them. I need to resolve some situations that are lingering, albeit, not horrific or detrimental, but nonetheless not acceptably honorable. Honor today is the code by which I base my decisions and those principles of honor are the ones reminding me that I am responsible for my life and taking ownership of it requires me to accept the truth of what I have thought and done.

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