Monday, November 30, 2015

We for the most are are products of our environment (#2495)

Unless we question those things around us that influence who we are we eventually become those very things. It is natural for that to happen in a state of status quo. Again, unless we question we won't move beyond our immediate environment. I can usually observe someone and their behaviors and generally point out some opinions. Surely just opinions but with an Occam's Razor approach my opinions are at least possible, even probable in some cases. I do not equate myself with being a psychologist/psychiatrist but on a basic level logic can get us to at least a general idea. I look at myself and the family and friends I grew up with and see how I am now. I have carried forward many of the behaviors I grew up around. However, many more I have discarded due to my questioning the behaviors lack of honor or equality. So when I see someone acting out in a behavior that is crude or brutish I can somewhat assume that they are encultured by the behavior or that they are under some force or duress from circumstances that influence the behavior. Now some are just sociopathic/psychopathic but those ones can be singled out through their reactions to other behaviors. Leaving aside the mentally ill, I find that behaviors are linked in some way to past experiences or some form of acting out. I am not saying anything specific here but just that some tendencies point us toward possible causes more than other tendencies. Cause and effect is generally considered a paradigm that explains behaviors and that is all I am saying here. Not that it is the answer everytime but only that that is where I begin. It is difficult to know why some do some things and others don't but given enough patterns we can generally propose why something is happening or at least give an informed opinion as to the observable evidence. All this to say that recognizing our behaviors for what they are in a more comprehensive way is how we conquer them when we keep our own counsel and those behaviors have us strangled and discouraged.

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