Saturday, November 28, 2015

We need to protest at fox "news". (#2493)

There is one entity that subscribes to planting hatred within our populace above all others, yes even more than Limbaugh and many church pulpits, and that is fox "news". For all the real news out there based upon facts, few of these ever show up on fox "news". Instead we get opinion pieces that align with biases and prejudices against our citizenry. It is as if fox "news" is a hate channel solely for the benefit of riling up nefarious factions of our society against anything beneficial to the working/middle/poor class that can be twisted into hate. I am past the point of giving fox "news" any benefit of the doubt. They do not align themselves with the pain and suffering of most all Americans, instead fox "news" trumpets out incomplete information that is less than subtle and devoid of hard facts. They take innuendo and opinion and present it as fact with no one on the programming who is able to challenge it. It is legal what they do but not moral or ethical. As the conservative majority on the US Supreme Court have been silent about truth in news laws in order to stop the massive campaign of misinformation, we are left with fox "news" able to frame the narrative of events in a way that riles the most extreme among us. The recent case in point being the Planned Parenthood killings and the Indiana mosque burning. The sick unraveling of news being used to foment atrocities is our current status thanks in large part from fox "news" and it's agenda of disrupting and destroying our working/middle poor class. Everything about fox "news" is aimed at helping the wealthy and large corporations to own more and more of the wealth generated here in America and abroad. If fomenting unrest and taking the focus off of the wealthy getting more wealthy and corporations gaining more control of our government and financial sectors than they are succeeding. It is time to pull the plug on fox "news" and the best way to do that is to protest them at their corporate headquarters and at their national cable broadcasting venue.

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