Sunday, November 29, 2015

Why I am a liberal progressive Democrat (#2494)

I believe in social security and what it does to keep our seniors out of poverty when they get older and have physical problems, keeping them from working for a living. I believe in medicare/medicaid for our seniors and others who cannot otherwise afford health care. Why wouldn't we want our lives to be healthy while we are alive? I believe in modernization of our country to the point where we are the envy of the rest of the world for our ingenuity and creativeness in aligning our states with smart energy, communication and opportunity. I believe in equal rights for all our citizens, women/men of all persuasions. No one person should be without the guaranteed protection of rights as outlined by the intent of our national constitution. I believe in unemployment insurance that provides for us when jobs are hard or next too impossible to find. I believe in food stamps to help the families who are underpaid or out of work to feed a nutritious meal for themselves and their children/family members. I believe in government sponsored work to create jobs and opportunities for companies and industries to expand to the point of employment for anyone willing and able to work. I believe in taking care of our veterans who have gone into military service to protect and sacrifice of themselves for our liberty and freedoms. I believe that education is a high priority within our society and that all means to allow our citizenry to learn and become enlightened in order to escape ignorance should be explored. I believe in a taxation system that is progressive with fewer taxes on the poor and graduating up to higher taxes on the wealthy. I believe in campaign finance reform so that all candidates are funded the same so that the ideas of the politicians are what gets them elected, not the size of their bank accounts or the size of their influential friends' bank accounts. I have many more reasons for why I am a liberal progressive Democrat but I am out of space that I allot myself for posts.

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ruth said...

Senior citizens might arrive at a time when it feels like 'the system' yanked a rug out from under you. Maybe an illness, loss of funds caused by an illness or losing a neighborhood of friends, family or a spouse or caretaker has so altered you securities you don't know what might happen. It can be very frightening. Just knowing Social Security and Medicare are there for you is such a giant plus, such a relief. it's really hard to describe our feeling of thanks.