Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Big tent Democrats (#2524)

Lest we become republicans, we democrats must never forget that we welcome all who espouse liberal and progressive policies. It doesn't matter what previous affiliations were attached in our pasts, our present is what will dictate if we belong as a democrat. Do we put all of us on a level playing field to start? Do we care for our old, weak and affirmed? Do we work hard to end poverty? Do we work to create work and jobs for all of our citizens? I know republicans want fewer jobs so that the competition for work will drive down wages but we democrats find that despicable. Do we want all of our citizens to have al least basic health care as a right? We democrats do but as you should have been able to see by now republicans only want us to have health care if we can individually afford it. Funny how republicans want us to work for lower wages but expect us to afford health care on our own. Seems dastardly to me. We democrats want to engage the world through diplomacy where possible and only commit to combat as a last resort. Contrarily, republicans would rather shoot first then not even bother to ask questions later. All the while republicans push to have our poorest among us do the fighting while not caring for the wounded and impaired who return. We democrats want to reform the tax code and immigration to the point where we get a fair and honest path forward. Republicans want no immigration reform and although they do want to change the tax laws, they only want to change them to help the wealthy even more. We democrats want education for all children to be no less effective than the education we expect for our own children. Unlike republicans who want to hide away in enclaves that only cater to the wealth of each community. We democrats are the big tent party that doesn't condescend or acquiesce to wealth but instead uplifts the dreams and hopes of all who would strive.

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