Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Democrats are the big tent political party (#2497)

I hear some Democrats say that Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat so he doesn't deserve democratic support. But I say I don't care which party a person may be affiliated with, as long as his policies and values align with liberal progressive ones that person is welcome in the Democratic party. Because we are the big tent party. Since in the final analysis we Democrats are a varied lot not given to aligning ourselves through some expected protocol. We are much different from each other in so many ways and those differences are what rallies us to each other as a party of unique and valued individuals and groups. The core of our party is that we are simply liberal and progressive. Anyone who meets that threshold will always be welcome to join forces with us to protect our equality, justice, freedom and right to opportunity. We are not the party of privilege or advantage, we believe in merit and community, both equally. So for any member of the Democratic party to say that because someone is not an official member of our party yet is running as one of us cannot do so would be blatantly wrong. I would accept a Republican running as a Democrat as long as his/her policies and values aligned with the best interests of our Democratic party. We include folks to be members of our party, not exclude them based upon some inequality ideal. That is for the Republicans as they are the ones who exclude. So open wide your eyes Democrats and know this that if someone is a liberal and progressive and is looking for a chance to lead our party they are much more than welcome to try. Any attack on those who meet this criteria are subject to a cynical rebuttal based upon the intent of the attacker. Either we Democrats truly believe in equality or we are just playing at it.

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